Be green


Adopt BeGreen,       

the sustainable construction initiative developed with the other Bouygues group entities, and benefit from:

… our commitment to obtaining environmental certifications and labels.
Our experts in sustainable construction are involved from the study phase of the project (BREEAM Assessors, LEED APs, thermal engineers).

… value-creation with Energy Saving Certificates.
Through our partnerships with accredited bodies, we take care of everything.

… a head start for the next environmental challenges.
We play an active role in the Grenelle French governmental work groups and in developing the environmental standards used by certification bodies.

… an exemplary site.
At the heart of what we do, site management is our priority.
A raft of key measures grouped under our Ecosite banner.

… a lift for your non-financial indicators.
BeGreen® can feed into every aspect of our customers’ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), whether calculating carbon footprint or contributing to employee well-being.

And to go a step further, 3 offers complement the BeGreen® initiative:

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