Immobilier durable


Innovating on energy and the environment is now one of SODEARIF’s core priorities, to provide complete customer satisfaction.

As a vector for attracting and anchoring businesses to a location, SODEARIF makes sustainable real estate a long term strategic project, sustained by the involvement of all parties (employees, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors).

Sustainable construction, more than a simple idea, is a genuine guiding principle in the company’s policy, at a number of levels :

At the city or neighbourhood level

  • Social and functional diversity of the built environment
  • Soft mobility (ecomobility)
  • Generation and pooling of renewable energy
  • Water and waste water management
  • Waste management

At the building or renovation level

  • Environmental certifications
  • Low consumption, positive energy buildings
  • Habitat and Environment accreditation
  • Water catchment
  • Non allergenic local plants