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Bouygues ConstructionSODEARIF (Société d'Etudes, d'Aménagement et de Réalisations Immobilières et Foncières) was founded in 1988. As the real estate development and project ownership subsidiary of Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, the company is part of the Group’s wider “network of real estate developers”.

     Map of the CIRMAD-SODEARIF network of real estate developers

The expertise to meet all challenges

To provide the appropriate solutions, SODEARIF first seeks to understand a project’s context and environment. Consultation takes place through constant collaboration with local authorities, investors and end-users associated with our projects. Working with the best architects, SODEARIF monitors compliance with the customer’s real estate programme, while ensuring economic balance is maintained.

Organisation that fosters innovation and creativity

Specialised divisions (the Business, Shopping and Entertainment division and the Housing, Multi-Products and Urban Development division) are supported by technical, marketing and communication and legal departments, implementing high-performance development packages (specialised establishments, multi-product developments, urban development, etc.) to meet the needs of SODEARIF’s customers.
An operations oversight department is the final element of the system ensuring the successful completion of our projects, with everyone focused on satisfying all of our customers.

Applying the expertise of the Group’s construction companies

SODEARIF is backed by all the know-how of the wider Bouygues Construction group, with the works for its developments benefiting from the delivery quality provided by the operational units of Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France.

The Bouygues group

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