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SODEARIF is a specialist in “multi-product” developments

SODEARIF is a specialist in “multi-product” developments, delivering real estate complexes that bring buildings or spaces with different purposes together on the same site: housing (social, intermediate and for direct ownership), commercial units (shops and supermarkets), business premises (offices, hotels, start-up centres), public facilities (schools, crèches, markets, aquatics centres, etc.) and specialised residences (serviced lodgings for seniors and students).

This expertise has evolved in response to the needs of local authorities hoping to revitalise fading neighbourhoods, take back brownfield sites or provide a focus for neglected areas.

To manage these projects, SODEARIF has become an end-to-end developer, whether acting through a Plan d’Aménagement d’Ensemble (overall regeneration plan) as in Saint-Ouen, or through several building permits and subdivisions, as in Clamart or at Paris Porte des Poissonniers.

SODEARIF works in close cooperation with the local authorities and the other stakeholders involved. SODEARIF draws up the overall programme or refines the programme provided by the authority, integrating the following elements: internal coherence and complementarity of the construction programme, relationships with the surrounding social and urban context, flow issues (pedestrians, vehicles, deliveries, public transport), sharing certain facilities (public and private car parks, transformers, substations, waste facilities, etc.), overall financial management, organising the construction phase and if necessary division into tranches.

The SODEARIF Director of Projects, who is responsible for the development, remains the single point of contact for the authority until full delivery of the programme. This direct relationship means SODEARIF can guarantee meeting its financial, quality and performance commitments, as well as programme delivery deadlines expected by the authority and various investors.


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