SODEARIF develops intelligent offices, both new build and renovations..

Whether on spec for investor clients or turnkey designs for users, these office buildings are conceived using the “maîtrise d’usage” user consultation approach, ensuring potential for future evolution, exceeding regulatory environmental requirements and meeting our customers’ performance objectives, especially in terms of energy consumption, where SODEARIF is an expert.

New buildings

Balard/Corne Ouest - Paris 15th – - 92 000 m² of offices - Jean-Michel Wilmotte
SODEARIF and Icade will build 92,000 m² of new offices with architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Located on a 2.5 hectare plot alongside the Paris ring road, close to the future French Defence Ministry, this campus will comprise four office buildings (BBC, HQE, BREEAM) set within landscaped parkland.

REZO and STRATO - Corner of boulevard Pereire and rue de Saussure à Paris 17th - 28 000 m² of offices - Architect: Hardel & Le Bihan for Strato and Anne Demians for Rezo
SODEARIF and SNEF are co-developing two office buildings at the heart of Paris’ 17th arrondissement, on units 4.1 and 4.3 of the plot named Saussure / Pont Cardinet, for which SNEF, through its Espaces Ferroviaires Aménagement (EFA) subsidiary, is the developer. This development south of the Gare Saint-Lazare railway lines, alongside boulevard Pereire, is part of the Pereire sector as well as being part of the regeneration picture for the new Clichy-Batignolles quarter, its 10 hectare park, the Cardinet-Chalabre sector and the legal complex. These buildings will be triple certified HQE, BBC-Effinergie® and BREEAM

LE PALATIS - corner of rue Barbès and rue Louis Lejeune in Montrouge (92) - 12 000 m² of offices - Cabinet Arte Charpentier
Thanks to ambitious architectural and technical design, SODEARIF has created a building with very high levels of energy performance, with BBC-Effinergie® and HQE certification.

Offices for Hachette Livre - Rue Paul Bert in Malakoff (92) - 10 000 m² of BBC-Effinergie® offices.
Architectural and technical design developed by SODEARIF and the FS – Braun practice for this project represents best practice in sustainable construction.

AUSTRALIA - Avenue du Centre à in Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78) - 11 813 m² of BBC-Effinergie® offices.
Designed by architect Hubert Godet with collaboration from the Studios practice on the internal architecture, Australia is conspicuous for its red-orange colouring, and heralds urban renewal in Montigny-le-Bretonneux. The building’s real-world innovation and natural performance were made possible by combining proven technologies while respecting overall cost controls. The work carried out by Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France and ETDE was the subject of a particularly intensive quality control process. Australia won the 2010 Constructeo Trophy at SIMI (the French Commercial Real Estate event), which is awarded to the year’s best building for energy and environmental performance.

ETIK - Rue Yves Kermen à in Boulogne Billancourt (92) - 10 500 m² of offices and commercial units - KCAP Architecture
Bold architecture from Dutch practice KCAP for this Effinergie certified building (energy consumption 50% lower than RT 2005 consumption standards). A southern facade with limited glazing offers excellent thermal inertia through exterior insulation and heavy materials; enclosed and mostly glazed atria act as winter gardens and are warmed by Canadian wells; cooling is based on the radiant cooling ceiling principal with inertia recuperation from concrete floors.


New Time - Ile de la Jatte - Neuilly-sur-Seine - KCAP - Ateliers 115
This building, located at the northern tip of the Ile de la Jatte (Neuilly-sur-Seine), is the former French head office of Roche laboratories.
Built in the 70s, it has undergone major refurbishment by SODEARIF for its owner Züblin Immobilière, with interior floors re-organised and extended. Following an extensive technical and urban planning audit, SODEARIF and Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France (Private Refurbishment) have applied the “Be Green” approach to design a project that generates optimal renewed value for the asset.

Hôtel de Talleyrand - Rue Saint Florentin - Paris 8th - F. S. Braun & Associés
Property of the United States government, this building is a listed historic monument and has undergone major refurbishment on behalf of a major international legal practice. Within the framework of a Real Estate Development Contract (CPI), SODEARIF guaranteed all technical, administrative and quality control aspects of the project on a flat rate basis.

Siège de La Poste - boulevard Brune - Paris 14th - 22 500 m² of offices - F. S. Braun & Associés.
This highly complex, “user turnkey" development, delivered on an occupied site, is a good example of SODEARIF’s ability to deliver customised solutions for a demanding client.

Head Office Bouygues S. A. - 32, avenue Hoche - Paris 8th - 7 500 m² of offices - Kévin Roche and Jean-Michel Willmotte
The first office building delivered in Paris qualifying for HQE – Commercial Building certification, this development was designed by two major architects: Kevin Roche (USA) and Jean-Michel Willmotte (FR) for the internal layout and decoration.
The main façade successfully delivers absolute modernity and perfect integration, inserted into an alignment of Haussmann-era buildings on one of the finest avenues in Paris.

Rue de la Boétie - Paris 8th - 3 600 m² of offices - F. S. Braun & Associés
This refurbishment project is an investor-type product delivering services, techniques and finishing similar to those in a new build.


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