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Public facilities

Public facility real estate is most often handled using a Real Estate Development Contract (CPI), since very specific premises are involved and the owner is usually the operator, as with the multiplex built at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. SODEARIF can, if required, integrate the architect or specialists designated by the contracting authority into the primary contractor team. SODEARIF guides the design, ensuring that throughout the project development phase it remains technically feasible, compliant with regulations, and meets financial objectives thanks to the upstream involvement of the main contractor.

When refurbishing the Salle Pleyel concert venue, SODEARIF focused on meeting the symphonic chamber’s very specific needs as well as the operational constraints of the site, throughout the design and realisation of the project.

As with all projects managed by SODEARIF, the Director of Projects remains the user’s and/or the owner’s single point of contact until full delivery of the development. This direct relationship means SODEARIF can guarantee meeting its financial, quality and development delivery deadline commitments.


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